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Bulb Duster

  • $59.95

Available Sizes:

  • Short Stem
  • Long Stem


Bulb Duster for applying insecticidal dusts and granules.

AS USED BY PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROLLERS - This Bulb Duster fits any service kit. It holds about 1 cup of dust or granules.

The Bulb Duster is made of natural rubber for maximum flexibility and long life along with featuring a “No Gasket” seal. The extension tube providex crack-and-crevice application, and can be used as a siphon tube in the bulb when applying granules.

The Bulb Duster is a helpful tool in getting a thorough, even spread of dust. This Bulb Duster is easy to use and helpful when treating hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Expect nothing but accuracy and sufficient spreading when using this insecticide Bulb Duster.

Recommended for use with products such as: Permethrin D Professional Dust , Ficam Dust, and Coopex Dust.

Tip: Fill the duster half way which allows a better dust flow.

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