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Bed Bug Duster

Bed Bug Duster

  • $49.95

For use with Bed Bug control poweders. The Bed Bug Duster holds up to 100 grams of powder and has a 30 cm plastic extension that allows you to dust easily in cracks and crevices. The duster improves application accuracy by giving a uniform flow so that you don’t waste any dust.

This Bed Bug Duster is perfect for easily applying dust to cracks, crevices, seams, zips, joins between timbers, skirting boards, carpet edges, between floor boards, bed side furniture, etc.

By using this Bed Bug Duster it will make the process a whole lot easier and more effective whilst making sure you get the most coverage out of your dust.


  1. Fill the bulb of the duster with approximately 1 cup of dust.
  2. Screw top back on a gently squeeze the bulb to puff out the dust.
  3. Make sure you wear appropriate protective equipment when using this duster i.e. gloves, face mask. This duster can also be used to apply other dusts such as permthrin dust, tomato dust, diatomaceous earth, etc.

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