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Coopex Insecticidal Dust

Coopex Insecticidal Dust

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Coopex Insecticidal Dust (10kg) completes your attack against bed bugs by reaching hard to get at areas and giving up to 6 months long term protection. It is highly potent in attacking the bed bug's nervous system and is one of the least hazardous insecticides to use around humans.

Coopex Insecticidal Dust leaves no permanent residue and degrades in the environment. Coopex Insecticidal Dust is the leading product of its type in the pest control market place. The high quality formulation ensures consistent application and results. It is ideal around electrical equipment and on surfaces that would absorb a spray.

This product can be applied using either a Hand Bulb Duster, or an Electric Dust Applicator.

Effective against a wide range of pests as well as bed bugs. For the control of:

  • cockroaches
  • silverfish
  • ants
  • fleas
  • carpet beetles
  • bedbugs
  • spiders
  • bird mites
  • hide beetles
  • mushroom sciarid flies
  • european wasps
  • feral honey bee
  • potato moth
  • subterranean termites

Coopex Insecticidal Dust Powder compliments liquid spray programmes and ensures a property is fully protected from bed bugs.  Liquid sprays cannot deal with every pest situation.  Coopex Dust is an essential addition to a chemical armoury to ensure residual bed bug control.

Unlike a spray, the fine particles of Coopex Insecticidal Dust settle deep into cracks and crevices and other enclosed spaces that cannot be reached with a liquid spray.

Coopex Insecticidal Dust is a finely ground, ready to use insecticidal dust.  This formulation ensures that the active ingredient is easily and uniformly distributed.  The particles remain on the treated surface, rather than sinking into it.  A treatment therefore stays active longer and is more rapidly picked up by bed bugs.


  • Unique formulation
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • Not absorbed into porous surfaces
  • No odour
  • Highly effective on bed bugs
  • Biodegradable
  • Up to 6 months long-term protection
  • One of the least hazardous insecticides
  • No permanent residue - environmentally degradable
  • Low application rate
  • Cost effective

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