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Bed Bug Mattress Protectors - A crucial tool in any successful Bed Bug treatment

Posted by Chris Voyce on

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding bed bug mattress protectors (or encasement's) and their effectiveness in bed bug treatments. It is important to understand how these encasement's work to see how they can benefit you as both a preventative measure as well as assist in the treatment process.

Here we look at how they work and the main benefits from using these as part of your bed bug treatment plan.

Bed Bug Mattress Protectors

How do they work?

Bed Bug mattress & base protectors, or encasement's, play an important role in resolving bed bug problems in both residential and commercial situations. These are complete encasement's that wrap around the entire mattress or base and zip closed meaning there is no way in or out for Bed Bugs. Any Bed Bugs on the mattress or base at the time will be trapped inside and unable to escape or feed. They also prevent new infestations by removing potential harbourage areas for bed bugs such as mattress seams, buttons, etc.

Bed Bug Mattress & Base Protectors wrap around the entire mattress or base and zip closed, locking shut with a secure seal to prevent the zipper unzipping.  Bed Bugs infesting the mattress or base are contained and are unable to escape and bite. This provides the user with peace of mind, eliminating the chances of bed bugs escaping from an encased mattress and also prevents the possible infestation of a new mattress and bed base.

This also eliminates the need for any form of chemical control to be used on the sleeping surface. This is obviously much safer for the customer but also allows them to focus their attention on other areas of possible infestation (i.e headboard, flooring, skirting boards, etc) saving both time and money.

Not only do customers sleep better knowing their mattress is bed bug free, after installation, but encasement's allow them to keep their expensive mattresses and bases; saving them hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress, Base & Pillow Protectors


  • Mattress & base protectors offer the user a way to stop the movement of bed bugs in their home or accommodation facility 
  • They allow the user to address bed bug problems without applying chemicals directly to the mattress
  • Proactively protect against potential future bed bug infestations
  • Make inspections more efficient - You’re taking one of the most problematic parts of a bed bug treatment out of the equation. Increase your efficiency by simplifying the environment
  • Protects new bedding and salvages infested bedding
  • Increases times between re-infestations
  • Bed Bug entry proof and escape proof
  • Bed Bug bite proof


  • Prevents the customer from having to throw out their mattress or bed base and purchase new ones - Mattress & Base Protectors are a tool that will protect the customers investment allowing them to keep mattresses and bases, saving them money in the long run
  • Reduces inspection times on follow up visits - Less time spent onsite treating bedding means lower labour costs
  • Reduces call backs
  • Saves on chemical use

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